Minute Meetings for the year 1997

Oct, 1997

The meeting was called to order by David McKinney on October 5, 1997 at the home of Doug and Margaret Corbett, Sussex, N. B.

In attendance: Carl & Carol Murray, Marion Mersereau, James Barton, Bill Brittain, Frank Queen, Evelyn Anderson, Robert Sutton, Verna Arnold, Jan Dexter, John MacKinnon, David McKinney, Margaret Corbett and Barbara Leger.Minutes of the August meeting were read and approved.Barbara Leger agreed to act as secretary until such time as an Executive is established.

The issue of a name for the organization was raised. Names were reviewed that were previously discussed - still open to suggestions for a name.David advised that any name containing Canadian Forces Base Gagetown must have approval of the Base. David has corresponded with the Base Commander advising that a society is being formed consisting of families that lived on the Base prior to 1953 and plans are being made to observe the 50th Anniversary in a special way and questioned if there would be any objections to using CFB Gagetown as part of a name for the organization. Margaret Corbett suggested that the name should contain the word "communities.

The Queens County Historical Society is interested in the formation of this new organization -perhaps we could work under their umbrella.Richard Corbett received correspondence from Bruce Thompson, chair of the Queens County Historical Society, advising that the formation of this organization was discussed at their annual meeting. They have a tentative plan for an exhibition at the Court House, Gagetown.

It was felt that the expropriation was a monumental exercise, where 900 families were uprooted and should not be taken lightly. They questioned if families of the Base were planning any events and advised they would be willing to participate in any events planned.Carl Murray suggested that since expropriation was announced in the year 1952 that perhaps the year 2002 should be the date to commemorate the 50th. Anniversary.

The Queens County Fair had a display of merchants of 100 years ago.

Dawn Bremner, Director Queens County Historical Society, originally from Lawfield, advised they are willing to help. They have the resources. If we become formally organized there may be funding available through various government departments.

Richard Corbett has responded to Mr. Thompson, advising he would be in contact with the Historical Society.

Connie Denby could be our contact on the Base.  Carl Murray advised that there is usually an officer assigned to functions such as reunions etc. Connie has access to pictures of all buildings that were on the base prior to expropriation. Copies are available at a nominal fee.Eldon MacKinney has slides of all farms in the New Jerusaleum area prior to expropriation. Committees are to be established to compile family histories.

David McKinney has corresponded with a number of persons from these communities, via the Internet, who are in various parts of the country.

Following is a list of representatives from various communities:

Armstrongs Corner - Marion (Queen) Mersereau, to contact Doug Woods, Marion Patterson

Enniskillen - Carl Murray (to regroup committee of 1992 reunion)

Clones - Jim Barton, to contact Maudie Boyle and Pettie boys

Coote Hill - Frank Queen and Bill Brittain

Dunns Corner - Doug Corbett and Verna Arnold

Fowlers Corner - Margaret Corbett to contact Bernice Fanjoy

Hamilton Mountain -Hibernia - David McKinney to contact Lloyd Nickerson and Bill Clarke

Lawfie1d - Dawn Bremner to be contacted

New Jerusalem - John MacKinnon (to contact Dorothy Caron and Ken Webb)

Olinville - Evelyn Anderson

Petersville - Carl Murray (to regroup 1992 committee)

Shirley -

Summer Hill - Robert Sutton and David McKinney




Contacts will be made with individuals from areas that do not have representatives.

Jan Dexter is presently working on Probate and Land Records and will wok on church records. Jnformation in Archives can be photocopied for families to do research and Jan is willing to research requests. She can be reached at (506)672-3446.

David McKinney will do a one page flyer to be passed out at the November 11/97 gathering at the Cenotaph in New Jerusaleum giving preliminary information on the formation of the committee. The Military conducts the service and lunch is served. It has been traditionally a reunion for people from that area.

A one day workshop will be organized to work on genealogy. David McKinney to contact

Queens County Historical Society to ask resource persons to assist. Possible location for meeting

-  Museum in Gagetown. Possible date - April with a storm date. Hopefully committees will be in place at that time.


Finances were discussed. It was suggested that a section of the flyer should be used to ask for donations to assist the organization with a tear-off section to be returned with donations. Bill Brittain suggested, to get started, that all present donate $5.00.  Carole Murray, Treasurer collected $58.00. 

David McKinney to prepare a Press Release regarding the formation of the organization. Kings

County Record carries a genealogy column weekly; this paper to be contacted along with the

Telegraph Journal and Daily Gleaner for write-up, possibly through a "Letter to the Editor".

Next meeting to be January 25, 1997 at Doug & Margaret Corbett's home at 13 Main Street, Sussex commencing at 1:00 p.m.

Carl suggested that when considering a location for the Reunion we should think about Camp Petersville. It was also suggested that the Gagetown Fair Grounds would be available all through the summer.

 Meeting adjourned by David McKinney.

Prepared by: Barbara Leger