Minutes Of Meeting

Feb 8 1998


David McKinney. Chairperson. called the group meeting to order on Sunday, February 8, 1998 at the home of Doug and Margaret Corbett, 113 Main Street. Sussex. N. B.

Minutes of the October 5. 1997 meeting were read with the following corrections Corbettís address was listed as 13 Main Street instead of 113 Main street, Verna Arnold was listed as part of the Dunns Corner Committee instead of Coote Hill Committee. The minutes were approved as corrected.


A letter from Col Hazelton of Base Gagetown was read. This letter was in response to a letter from David. Col. Hazelton provided a contact name for future information regarding the Reunion and offered to assist in any way possible.

David reported he received 35 responses from the flyer circulated at the November 11. 1997 gathering at New Jerusaleum. He posted it on the Internet, most responses came from the Maritimes but did receive some from the U. S.


Queens County Historical Society - Jan and David attended a Society meeting on February 7/98 and made a presentation pertaining to the Reunion. The Society is interested in assisting in anv way possible but unable to send a representative to the February 8 meeting. Dawn Bremner will he applying to the Provincial Government for a summer student to assist with doing oral history of the area. by going out and interviewing former residents or anyone having historical information about the base area. We to advise if there would be any objections to this project. There were no objection raised. We to provide names of individuals who may have information and would be willing to share with the student(s).


David visited Connie Denby at the Base and advised that Connie would be willing to attend a meeting and explain what was available. There are pictures of all buildings for all properties at the time of take over. maps of the area and prices paid for each property etc. David circulated an inventory of all cemeteries in the area. some 44 and in excess of 1000 burial sites. The Base has taken steps to do an aerial view of all cemeteries showing the location of graves; this has been established in the event of vandalism or damage.

The price of pictures and documents will have to be established as there is not a price available at this time - Connie advised price would be nominal.


Two hundred copies have been. or are being circulated, regarding the Reunion. Copies are posted

at the Archives. Capital Region Genealogy Society. Jan has posted some and will be posting more.


The one day Workshop with the Queens County Historical Society will be postponed until a later date. It was felt we needed to be better organized and Fall would be a more realistic date. All agreed.


Carole advised that a Bank Account has not yet been opened. $58.00 was collected at the last meeting and $115.00 has been donated as a result of the flyer. It was suggested a Bark Account be opened soon.


David wrote to the two Saint John papers. The Daily Gleaner and the Kings County Record. The letter did get published.


Jan Dexter reported she is continuing to go through Probate Records, there is a slight snag between the 1920's and 1930's. She is attempting to have these reels re-done and the Genealogy Society will pay. She has the 71 and '81 Census completed. The Church records have to be proofread. She has received a number of obituaries from Dawn Bremner. which she is checking against cemetery list.


There was a discussion on the year of the Reunion. Expropriation was in the year 1952. The Base is celebrating the 45th Anniversary this year which puts their 50th Anniversary at 2003 which coincides with the Queens County Historical Society. It was moved by Jan Dexter and seconded by Bill Brittain that the year of the Reunion be 2003. Motion carried. The actual date to be established in consultation with the Base.



After a discussion regarding a name for the Group, the following names were suggested:

(1) Association of Former Communities of Base Gagetown

(2) Association of Expropriated Communities of Base Gagetown

(3) Base Gagetown Community History Association.

Each name was voted on with Base Gagetown Community History Association appearing to be most acceptable.

It was moved by Carl Murray and seconded by Margaret Corbett that BASE GAGETOWN COMMUNITY HISTORY ASSOCIATION be adopted as the official name. Motion carried.

Additional volunteers were added to the Community Committees. Some committees are still not represented. Attempts will be made to find representatives for these areas.

David suggested that before our next meeting the following should be completed:

(1) Add anyone who is interested to community committees,

(2) Draw maps of communities, identifying properties,

(3) Commence family histories if interested.

(4) Bring or send any additional names to next meeting,

Carl Murray reported that he held a meeting of the communities of Enniskillen and Petersville, including individuals who were involved with the 1992 Fnniskillen/Petersville Reunion. He plans to expand to a larger group before the next meeting and plans to get working on Family Histories.

David advised that the Queens County Historical Society may be interested in publishing the

History once it is completed. Forms on Family History should be circulated and forwarded to

Jan Dexter (Jan circulated forms for use in compiling information)


Spring workshop to be postponed until Fall when we are better organized.

By-laws have to be established. David to review Bv-laws of a similar organization and send out copies for discussion and approval at the next meeting.

Next meeting to be held on Saturday, April 26, 1998 at 1:30 p.m. at Margaret & Doug Corbett's.

Future meeting should be large enough to require hall space. It was suggested that we discuss

at the next meeting any plans for a presentation on the proposed 50th reunion at the Queenstown

Picnic held in July. Carole collected $66.00 to defray costs of mailouts etc.

David thanked Doug and Margaret Corbett for opening their home and hosting the meeting. Meeting was adjourned by the chairperson, David McKinney.

Minutes prepared by: Barbara Leger



 OCTOBER  17 1998




The meeting was called to order by David McKinney on October 17, 1998 at the WI hall

in Lower Jemseg, N.B.

In attendance:  Jan Dexter, Carl & Carol Murray, Marion Mersereau, Mildred Queen,

Bernice Fanjoy, Connie Denby, Kay Mullin, Barbara Nelson, Douglas & Norma Woods, Verna Arnold, Eldon Johnson, Jim & Evelyn Barton and Jeanne Gray.

Minutes of the July meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer Report given by Carole Murray.  Money on hand $1,618.79.  The majority of

funds was collected at the July meeting in the amount of $1,030.00.  Expenses $131.98,

Treasurers Report approved.

David McKinney passed out the report prepared by Erma Brian for the Queens County

Historical Society on the Oral History Project for Base Gagetown Community History

Association.  Equipment is being provided by the Provincial Archives.  A list of names

for interviews have been provided and if any others should be added, names should be

provided to the executive.

Membership-A membership list was passed out and missing names were discussed.

It was moved that any purchase of memberships from now one will qualify for 1999.

Moved by Carl Murray and Seconded by Jan Dexter.

 Community Committee Reports-

Armstrongs Corner - Marion Mersereau reported 2 meetings have been held.  People have been appointed to find local history, genealogy and things of general interest to the


Enniskillen - Carol Muray advised there have been no official meetings other than

individuals getting together.

Clones - Havenít started meetings.  Map has been obtained.

Coote Hill - Verna Arnold reported getting information on teachers and also mentioned

she had 3 people who she was going to see and interview.

Summer Hill - David McKinney advised they had map of area.

Hibernia - Bill Clark was at one of the meetings and advised he would sit on a

committee.  It was also noted the Nickersons should be approached.

Fowlers Corner - Bernice Fanjoy advised not much has been done during the summer.

Hamilton Mountain - Eldon Johnson advised research being done on genealogy.

It was moved that Former residents should be contacted and the association will cover

the cost of the telephone call, which should be done on the deep discounted days.

Moved by Carl Murray and Seconded by Connie Denby.

It was also mentioned that unless people are interested in participating in committees,

they do not receive minutes of meetings.

Jan Dexter stated she would be happy to attend meetings of the local communities.

It was suggested we need coverage by local media to let people know what is going on and what is planned.  Coverage has been on CBC Fredericton & Saint John.

It was moved that the Association cover the cost of a file box and three ring binder for each chairperson of individual community committees.  Receipts to be presented to the Treasurer to a maximum of $15.00.  Moved by Verna Arnold and seconded by Doug Woods.

New Business - Keith Allan of Allan Dixon & Bell has volunteered to do the legal work to incorporate the association.  The approximate cost would be $150.00 to $200.00.The motion to cover cost of incorporation fees to maximum of $250.00 was moved by Carl Murray and seconded by Connie Denby.

It was moved Article 7 should be adjusted for Provision for director from each community of executive committee.  Moved by Connie Denby and seconded by Jan Dexter.

There is a possibility of a workshop at UNB on research of genealogy and information.

The meeting would include a tour of the Archives.   Dave McKinney will check for availability for 21st or 28th. A motion was made the fee would be $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non members to attend the workshop.  Carole Murray moved and Verna Arnold seconded.

It was also mentioned that one of the Fitzpatrick organizers would  speak at a future meeting.  The family reunion took 2 years to organize and 1700 descendants attended.

 Remembrance Day - Doug Woods will be taking part of the November 11th service at New Jerusalem.  A list of veterans names received from various committees.

It was moved that a wreath be purchased for the November 11th service at New Jerusalem. Moved by Connie Denby and seconded by Doug Woods.

Fund Raising-Different possibilities were raised and it was decided to look into having a jamboree in the Sussex area.  It was also discussed about a coordinating supper.

Connie Denby to look into.  Also mentioned tickets could be sold on a painting by Verna Arnold at the jamboree.

It was moved Membership Fees to the Museum Association of New Brunswick in amount of  $30.00 per year, and Associate Membership for the Provincial Archives in the amount of $10.00.  Moved by Jan Dexter and seconded by Marion Mersereau.

It was discussed about producing an honorary membership certificate as well as a priority list for oral interviews.

 The next meeting will be held during the workshop at the end of November.

Connie Denby advised most buildings still standing will be razed this year.

Jan Dexter moved and Doug Arnold seconded that meeting be adjourned.


Mary J. Queen - Secretary



28 NOVEMBER 1998

David McKinney, Mary Queen, James and Evelyn Barton, Franklin Johnson, Verna Arnold, Doug and Margaret Corbett, Ralph Hasson, Jan Dexter, Maude Boyle, Connie Denby, Franklin Johnson were present.

The meeting was brought to order November 28th at 2:00pm at McLaggan Hall,UNB in Fredericton.

David McKinney relayed information which can be obtained from Salt Lake City on family history. When receiving information on family histories, ensure you list all documentation where the information was received. The Saint John Family History Centre is a great source of information and is open Tursday and Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. It is open on Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm The location is on Manchester Ave.

The internet is becoming a major resource for family history. Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Carol is away, therefore, a treasurers report was not given, but people were advised there is approximately $1600.00 in the account.

It was reiterated reimbursement for telephone bills will be paid if people contacted families who are either descendants or lived in the Base Gagetown area. The reimbursements would be for discount nights.

Remembrance Day ceremonies at Petersville was discussed. Doug Woods spoke at the ceremony. It was mentioned there was no tent facilities as in past years. A letter was read by David McKinney to be sent to Canadian Base Gagetown regarding lack of facilities for the ceremony. Connie Denby suggested it be mentioned that the cenotaph is the only one within a training area.

It was moved by Frank Queen and seconded by Frank Johnson the letter be sent on behalf of the association. Motion carried unanimously. It was suggested the letter and reply be sent to the Telegraph Journal and the Daily Gleaner for publication.

It is planned to hold a Spring Jamboree in April or May. Connie Denby co-ordinating. A pot luck supper is also being considered. If anyone has any input, contact Connie Denby.

The By Laws have been amended and all committees should appoint a representative to attend Executive Meetings.

Information various committees are compiling should be recapped and the Executive Committee should be advised so everyone will be aware of what has or is being researched so duplication will not be made. It will also allow co-operation in sharing the research.

Mrs. William Russell of Taymouth has a lot of information on Olinville as her mother wrote a history of New Jerusalem.

A team leader is needed for New Jerusalem.

New Business.

Volunteers are needed to transcribe Church and School records. This can

be done by hand, typewriter or computer. Jan Dexter has Anglican records transcribed.

David McKinney proposed a motion to photocopy Anglican and Methodist records of births, deaths and marriages. Jan Dexter seconded. Unanimously accepted.

It will be up to individual communities to copy school records. David McKinney will photocopy if local committees want. Documentation is available from 1880 to 1953. The information gives ages of each individual student.

Margaret Graham and Verna Arnold would like copies of old photographs showing landmarks or activities. Verna's address is Site 5 Box 16 RR2 Westfield NB E0G 3J0. Her telephone number is 506-757-8423.

Frank Johnson advised about 30 oral interviews have been completed.

Copies from the archives will be sent to Queens Co. Museum. He would like the names

and addresses of people who owned property. When the interviews are given, each person is asked to sign a release form as the Archives require this so copies can be made. Would also like the names of those people who should be interviewed as soon as possible.

Connie Denby is to ask if the computerized list the Base has can be released so it can be made public on a web site.

Next meeting to be March 20th with a storm date of March 27th at the W.I. Hall in Jemseg.

Frank Queen moved and Connie Denby seconded adjournment of the meeting.

Minutes prepared by Mary Queen.