Base Gagetown Community History Association Newsletter

Issue 2 November 1998

A Successful Organizational Meeting was held at the Welsford School on July 5 1998 with over 100 present including two MLAs and two MPs whose constituencies border the Base area, the election of officers and adoption of by-laws. We have 80 members signed up and planning has begun for the 50th anniversary in 2003. Committees are now functioning in a number of former communities and require the input of all those who are interested in preserving their history.

Oral History Interviews were conducted by Erma Brian of the Queens County Historical Society with over 30 former residents of Base communities. The original tapes will be stored at the Provincial Archives in Fredericton and copies at the Queens County Museum in Gagetown. If funding is available, additional interviews will be recorded over the next few years and transcripts made of the tapes.

A Workshop sponsored by our Association is scheduled for 10 AM Saturday, November 28 in room 012 of the McLaggan Building # 33 on the UNB campus. On the agenda will be information on planning a reunion and researching community and family history. Included will be a tour of the Provincial Archives nearby and a brief business meeting in the afternoon. We would encourage anyone planning to research their family and community history to attend and become familiar with the Archive facilities. We also need volunteers over the next couple of years to transcribe school and church records which are in the original handwriting.

A Musical Benefit is in the planning stage for our Association to be held next spring, possibly in the Sussex area. Please inform Connie Denby, Queenstown at 488-2128 of anyone who might be interested in contributing their talents to make this event successful.

As we pause on Remembrance Day to honor our veterans and remember those who paid the supreme sacrifice, including eight from our communities, we must not forget the cost of our freedom that they fought for in the first half of this century. Although the battle lines are not as distinct today, there are forces within our society in the last half of this century who have and would deny us our basic freedoms . We must be eternally vigilant to prevent bureaucratic governments through social engineering in the guise of equality and human rights, from eroding our basic rights that our veterans valiantly defended on the battlefield.


Remembrance Day New Jerusalem 1952

In view of the fact that the Army is taking over this section of the country soon, the Remembrance Day Services, which was held in front of the War Memorial on Nov 11 1952 by the New Jerusalem branch of the Canadian Legion No. 73 (which was formed in 1946) will probably be the last held here.

Veterans taking part in the line were: Donald Laird, Andrew Thom, William Robinson, Leonard Barnett, Caswell Vallis and George McKinney of World War 1 with Herbert Bunn, James Mathewson, William Russell, Robert Fitzsimmons, Clive Harrison and Ronald Thom of World War 2. William Russell as President of the Legion had charge of the Service.

Prayer by Rev. Doug Ramsey. Two Minutes of silence followed by the placing of wreaths by Ronald Thom on behalf of the Legion, Mrs. Clifford Kennedy for L.O.B.A. and Miss Verna Harrison for Y.P.S.

The weather was chilly and dull, a crispy fall of snow covered the ground. Service followed at the United Church by Rev Doug Ramsey.

(From The History of New Jerusalem by Mrs. Annie E. Elder)

The following is a list of veterans from the Base communities. The names were provided by a number of people and may not be complete. Those killed in action*.

Armstrong’s Corner: Herbert Hasson (ww1), Samuel McKim(ww1),JohnMitchell(ww1), William Smith* (ww1), Kenneth Woods*(ww1), Thomas Anderson, Robert Ayles*, Edison Charlton, Robin Corbett, Fred Francis, Eldon Lyon, Harry Lyon, Eldon(Ted)Smith, Kenneth Webb, LesterWebb, Murray Webb.

Clones: Thomas Johnson*(ww1), William Johnson(ww1), John Chittick (ww1), Eldon Cooper, Harry Hodgins, Francis Mallery.

Coote Hill: Willard McCutcheon, Austin Graham, Leonard Kerr, Stanley Graham, Joe Phillips, Arthur Murphy, Robert Murphy, Joe Hamilton, Jean Murphy.

Dunns Corner: Otty Corbett, Walter McKinney.

Fowlers Corner: Raymond Eillott,Alexander McDonald*(ww1),Duncan McDonald.

Hibernia: James Cruickshank, William Cruickshank, Willard Clarke, Donald Rathburn, Irven Rathburn, Angus McTaggart, Lloyd Nickerson, George Nickerson, Harold Little, Gerald Price, George Appleby, Henry Masson, John Masson, Leslie Lee, Victor Lee

Arnold Little, Chester Little, Arthur Welbon.

Jerusalem: Edward Elder*,Gordon Bunn*,Joseph Hamilton*, Aubrey Short(ww1), George Short(ww1), Fred Wallace(ww1), Fred Barnett(ww1), William Magee(ww1), Caswell Vallis(ww1), Leonard Barnett(ww1), Christopher Barnett(ww1), Hugh Bates(ww1), Charles Ballard, Frank Barnett, Malcolm Barnett, Alex Beattie, Waldo Beckett, Arthur Bogle, Basil Bogle, Ina Dell Bogle, Lawrence Bogle,Vernon Bogle, Clifford Kennedy, George Laird, James McKay, Kenneth Moore, James Oglivie, Sanford Bunn, Roy Bunn, Herbert Bunn, Robert Fitzsimmons, Walter Golding, Dean Hamilton, Clarence Harrison, Clive Harrison, Eric Inch, Spencer Inch, Kenneth Rabey, Joseph Palmer,Walter Pender, Arthur Rabey, William Russell, Harry Taylor, WilliamThom, James Strachan, Christopher Barnett(1&2) Leonard Barnett(1&2), Donald Laird(1&2), Andrew Thom(1&2), John Strachan(1&2)

Petersville/Enniskillen: Frank Gallagher (ww1), Frederick O’Neill (ww1), Vincent O’Neill(ww1), Harry Arseneau, Wilber Arseneau, Harold Barry, Morris Boyd, Albert Breen, Cedric Breen, Arthur Connors, Clayton Flowers, Guy Flowers, Ralph Flowers, Albert Frawley, Roy Frawley, Edward Freise, John Hogan, Robert Keegan, Milton Kelly, Edna Logue, Chester McCann, Ralph McCann, Bernard McDonald, GeorgeMitchell, John Monohan, Donald O’Neill, Reginald O’Neill, John Quigg, Thomas Quigg.

Summer Hill: Roy Kerr (ww1), George McKinney (ww1), James Russell (ww1),Tennesea Schwetz, Russell McKinney, Rogers Armstrong, Reginald Dale.

Tweedsmuir: John Stevens.

Victoria Settlement: Burden Drummond, Perley Drummond.

LT.-Col O. L. Corbett

Otty Corbett was born Dec. 13 1913 at Dunn’s Corner, Queens County. He married the former Marjorie Gamblin and they had two daughters and a son. He taught school from 1932-1940 and then entered the Canadian Army, serving the next six years in Canada, the United Kingdom, and northwest Europe.

While in the service he was stationed at base units and training camps in Canada, with the Carleton & York Regiment in England, the Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade in England and the North Shore(N.B.) Regiment from 1944-1946 of which he was company commander and second-in-command of the battalion.

He was the recipient of many honors and awards in a distinguished army career, and in the service of his community, including the MBE, Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Serving Brother), Canadian Forces Decoration and two bars, C.D., 1939-45 Star, France Germany Star, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, Defense Medal, Victory Medal, and the Silver Acorn from the Boy Scouts of Canada.

His militia service included: N.B. Rangers1940-41; N.B. Scottish Regiment 1946-48; the Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) Militia 1950-1965 as commanding officer for eight years; retired from active militia service in 1965; honourary LT.-Col 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) Militia for two terms.

He was named the Sussex and District chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year in 1980. He died March 10 1981.

(From the Kings County Record Oct 20 1998)