BGCHA Newsletter


Issue 34 FALL 2010



Thursday, November 11, 2010- 2:00pm



Greetings from the President

Once again it is nearly time for many of us to gather by 10:30 am on November 11th for the Remembrance Day Service at the New Jerusalem Cenotaph and to mingle with friends and former neighbours at the reception provided by CFB Gagetown/Base Maintenance Company following the service. Gate 53, Hibernia, will be open for access from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm in addition to the usual gates at Petersville, Blue Mountain and the Main Gate in Oromocto.

It was great to have such a good turnout at our Annual Meeting at the Gagetown Rec Centre on the morning of July 3rd. Once again the location proved to be a very suitable site to hold our meeting. The Grace United Church ladies provided a very enjoyable lunch afterwards. Many of those in attendance went on to attend the Orange Lodge picnic at Queenstown during the afternoon with a dance following in the evening.

On Sunday, July 4th, many people took the opportunity to visit the cemeteries, their former homesteads and attend the annual gathering for a picnic at Sleep’s Hill. The guest book was circulated and the last page in the book was used for approximately 130 people to record their attendance. The book will be retired and retained by Evelyn Anderson. Since 1983 what a great record that book contains of the names of the many people who have attended this annual event throughout the years. Evelyn will be starting a new book in July 2011. Thanks so much to those who make the arrangements each year for the picnic.

The BGCHA booth at the Queens County Fair with the theme "farm and woodlot" certainly generated plenty of interest during the four-day fair. Whenever I looked, there always seems to be a crowd at the booth looking at the pictures and artefacts and reading the many articles. Thanks to Franklin Johnson for co-ordinating this as well as to all who contributed and helped in any way.

The future of access to the Training Area through the Blue Mountain Gate will be on the agenda for discussion. The response from the Base Commander indicates that employment of security personnel at this gate will be discontinued – date unknown. The Commander has confirmed, however, that the Base will continue to make special arrangements for access so we can continue to attend the Remembrance Day Service, visit cemeteries and the annual picnic.

Our Fall meeting will be held at 2:00 pm, Thursday, November 11th, at the Orange Hall, 4424 Route 102, Queenstown.

The Queenstown Orange Lodge Fall supper will be held that same afternoon commencing at 4:00 pm. Prices: adults - $8.00; children - $3.00; under 6 years - free.

Hope to see many of you on the 11th,

Connie Denby


Minutes of BGCHA July 3, 2010


Meeting was called to order by President Connie Denby with 42 members present.

Connie extended a welcome to members and visitors. Pat Reid MacNaughton was here from Halifax-she has a connection with Summer Hill.

Franklin Johnson started us in the singing of O Canada.

A moment of rembrance and prayer was extended for those members who passed away since our last meeting. Mentioned were Christopher Graham, Raymond McKinnon, Catherine Owens and Murray McCullum.

Minutes of the annual general meeting July 4, 2009 were read by the secretary Wanda Porter.

A motion was made by Wanda Porter and seconded by Annie Lyons to accept the minutes as read.


Minutes of the spring meeting of April 17, 2010 were read by the secretary Wanda Porter.

A motion was made by Wanda Porter and seconded by Art Bogle to accept the minutes as read.


Business arising from General Meeting:

The flag at the monument was looked at by Don Johnson and seems to be in good shape.

Notion of motion made at last years annual meeting regarding Article 4 (a) of the By-Laws is on the agenda for the current meeting.

Jan Dexter’s records: Mary Queen is still working on them. Connie thinks some of the records cannot be photocopied as the writing is just too light to copy clearly. She thinks scanning is the better way to go. Mary Queen is continuing to scan the documents and store them on a memory stick.

The books on the communities: In some libraries the books are being retained in the research section of the library and will not be loaned out-they can only be used while at the library. Unfortunately some libraries cull their books if they are not in demand or used on a regular basis.

Business from spring meeting:

Plaques for the emetery’s and placement of monuments at former church sites: Connie has not had a chance to talk to the base commander about this.

Booth booked for Fall Fair: Booth # 10 in the exhibit building has been booked for the upcoming Queens County Fair, Sep 16-19, 2010. Theme: Farm and Woodlot.

60th Anniversary 2013 Reunion Committee consists of: Connie Denby, Verna Arnold, Carol Lawson, Stirling Nickerson (music), Suzanne McCann and Marilyn Williams. Note: Mary Queen has offerred to help.

Stirling Nickerson gave the financial report. He apologized for not giving the list of paid memberships to Mary Queen – he will forward the information to her so she can update the records.

BGCHA $6,113.99

GVJ $3,490.51

Memorial fund $2,883.27 as of fall 2009.

It was moved by Stirling Nickerson and seconded by Verna Arnold to accept the financial report as read.


Cindy Mott did not submit her hours for the last term 2010; however, she will continue to maintain the web site. Connie will contact her to see if she can talk her into accepting payment of her hours.

New Business:

Notice of Motion, Article 4 of the bylaws, Meetings (a). Franklin Johnson moved we only hold two meetings per year. Motion was defeated.

Today July 3, 2010: The orange Lodge picnic, Queenstown. They will have a barbecue and strawberry shortcake again this year with music in the afternoon and dance in the evening.

The annual picnic at Sleeps Hill will be held July 4th. Jimmy Laird will get the tables from the Gems hall. He needs help. Al Porter will lend a hand.

A motion was made by Bob Johnson and seconded by Stirling Nickerson to send a letter to the Base Commander, CFB Gagetown, with copies to MPs Peter MacKay, Greg Thompson and Keith Ashfield on behalf of BGCJA requesting the Base reconsider the plans to close Blue Mountain gate. Carried.

Fair Booth: Franklin Johnson suggested the banner for the booth read Farm and Forest for the fall Fair. Some people are showing interest with pictures coming in. He is also going through his boxes for Community books with pictures in them. Still hoping for pictures of the larger items, ploughs, horese powered rakes, etc. If someone has a hand rake to bring, that would be great. He has the minutes of the last 4H meeting and some pictures. Bob Johnson thinks the booth needs to be set up on Monday before the Fair and finished before the opening day on Thursday.

60th Reunion. Connie thinks the committee needs to be getting together to do some planning. They are looking at October for a meeting. Bob Johnson thinks we should have a notice at the Fair to let people know about the 60th reunion. Connie is looking at some ideas for a momento of the area for people to purchase.

Motion by Franklin Johnson and seconded by Bill Clarke that the slate of officers remain the same for 2010. Connie Denby, President; Stirling Nickerson, Treasurer; Wanda Porter as Secretary. Carried.

Date of next meeing November 11, 2010 at Queenstown at 2:00 pm

We need to locate a list of Community Representatives. Carold Lawson has a copy and Bob Johnson advise that a copy is in the files. Connie will look for it and have it for the next meeting.

Emma Thibault mentioned it was Connie’s birthday. We sang happy birthday to her and Emma also brought a cake.

Funeral: Elsie A. (Sutton) Parker’s funeral is today at the Oromocto Funeral Home, 2:00pm; Burial follwing in the Upper Hampstead Cemetery.

Motion to adjourn as moved by Wanda Porter and Seconded by David McKay.


Afterwards, there was a dinner held and a committee formed. Apparently, my Uncle William Leonard Polley was the chairperson as after the dinner was eaten, he rose and these famous words were spoken. "Practically speaking, when you are through eating, we will have a public committee meeting.

Growing up, we had many chuckles over this often repeated little speech, but I believe this old man (our Uncle Will) was trying to be a farmer. When he was a younger man, he lived in the states working in a newspaper office and was used to a much different way of life that we knew nothing of.

However, logs, food and workers were donated and it seemed like no time that Benny Mitchell’s house was rebuilt.