BGCHA Newsletter

Issue 5 Summer 2000

The annual summer membership meeting of the Association will be held at 2:30 PM on Saturday, July 1 at the Queenstown Community Hall in conjunction with their LOL picnic. There will be an election of officers for the next two years and any business that members wish to discuss. Entertainment is scheduled following the meeting, with a supper served by the Lodge and square dancing in the evening. The Base will be open Sunday, July 2 for the traditional get-together at New Jerusalem and to visit the family cemeteries. The rain date for the Base is Saturday, July 8.

Our fund-raising jamboree at the Sussex High School Auditorium on the evening of May 13 featuring talent from the Base community families was a success with ticket sales of $2613. which should net us about $2000 after the expenses are paid. A video is available of the show from Debbie MacDonald, 175 MacDonald Rd., Hammondvale NB E4E 3S6, phone 506 433-3972 for $20. plus $5. mailing charge. The video, uncut and as the show was not rehearsed, isnít professional quality but if you like vintage country/gospel music and the jokes by emcees Bob Johnson and Bill Clarke, it is well worth the price.

The Millennium Fund application has been approved for $8185. to lease the necessary equipment and cover some of the cost for the collection of oral history and the recording of historical documents and photographs. There has been no word on our application for student assistance to work on this project so we may have to use volunteers. We plan to have the equipment at the Queens County Fair on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 15 and 16 and members are encouraged to bring photographs, slides and historical documents to the fair for scanning and inclusion in our records.

Volunteers are needed as we are sponsoring fund-raising booths on August 17 to 20 at the Sussex Flea Market and the Queens County Fair, Sept. 14 to 17. Notify Frank Queen, Rothesay at 849-8616 or Bill Brittain, Hampton at 832-3914 if you have time to cover a shift at the flea market and Verna Mott, Wickham at 485-5960 or Ken Harrison, Gagetown at 488-3361 for the fair.

The Association is also sponsoring a draw on a cruise to Alaska in 2001 and a second prize of $1000. in cash. The tickets are $5. each and are available from members. Contact Frank Queen at 506 849-8616 if you wish to participate in the selling of the tickets. The winner will be drawn on May 12 2001 at our Sussex jamboree.

Membership cards are enclosed for honorary and life members and those who have renewed or paid their dues for the year 2000. A form has been enclosed for those who wish to renew their membership or join the Association.

Searching For;

There were a number of mills for grinding grain powered by water in the early history of our communities. Does anyone know where any of the millstones are located? One was moved from the Summer Hill Brook behind the Sutton property to the Peterís blacksmith shop at Queenstown in the 1940s, but no trace of it can be found in the area today.

Many of our communities had "farmers" telephones systems in use from the 1920s to 1940s with 20 to 30 subscribers on one line. Does anyone have an old "directory" listing the rings on the big party line or stock certificates?

From The Past;

The following notice appeared in the Saint John Daily News dated July 28 1874.


The first meeting of the Gagetown and Petersville Railway Company will be held at the Welsford Railway Station, in the Parish of Petersville, in the County of Queens, on Monday, the 10th day of August next, at twelve o'clock noon. The purpose of the meeting will be to organize said Company under the provisions of the Act of Incorporation, Chapter 73, passed on the eighth day of April last. Pass the necessary bylaws, elect the officers required by said Act of Incorporation, order the opening of stock subscription books and to transact such other business concerning the organization of said Company as shall legally pertain there to.

Dated July 23 1874 Francis Woods William T. Harding C. N. Skinner


The tintype was introduced in 1856, and enjoyed widespread popularity till 1900. The tintype gets its name from the fact that the image is produced on a thin metal plate. The emulsion was directly exposed in the camera, without any need for a negative, so the images are often unique. The average price was from 10 to 25 cents for an image about the size of a playing card, making photography universally available.