Base Gagetown Community

History Association Newsletter



Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 – 10:30 A.M.

Gagetown Recreation Centre

Greetings from the President

Time for the Base Gagetown Community History Association annual general meeting has rolled around again so quickly it seems. Although we have had a cold, wet spring we are faring much better than other parts of the country where they are dealing with floods and fires.

We will hold our meeting on Saturday, July 2nd at 10:30 a.m. in the Gagetown Recreation Centre, 38 Mill Road, Village of Gagetown. It has proved to be a very suitable location with ample parking and easy access. After our meeting, sandwiches, sweets and beverages prepared by the Grace United Church ladies will be available for purchase at a modest fee should you wish to have your lunch on site. Those of you who stayed for lunch in the past will recall that it was tasty and enjoyable. Two restaurants are also located in the Village should you wish to patronize them.

The Orange Lodge picnic will be held during the afternoon of July 2nd at 4424 Route 102, Queenstown, with music and a B-B-Q followed by a dance in the evening.

I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that one of the agenda items for the upcoming meeting will be the requirement to decide whether to hold a 60th anniversary reunion in 2013. If the decision is made to proceed, we need to start making plans as time is quickly slipping away.

This is a gentle reminder to be thinking about items that can be displayed in our BGCHA booth at the Queens County Fair, September 15th - 18th. The theme will be "Women’s Groups" to encompass things made by the various groups that existed in the former communities i.e. quilting, handiwork, knitting, sewing, weaving, etc. along with photographs of such items. During our 2

spring meeting in Roachville it was suggested that items for display be brought to our upcoming meeting so that they will be on hand for those who will be working on preparing the booth. If you can’t bring item(s) at this time, please ensure that you get them to the fairgrounds by Monday, September 12th. However, I urge you to bring your items to our upcoming meeting if possible. Please remember to put your name on the items.

The annual picnic at Sleep’s Hill across the road from the Cenotaph in New Jerusalem will be held on Sunday, July 3rd. It is always enjoyable so plan to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a visit. I’ve been in contact with Range Control and it is confirmed that they will open Gate 53, Hibernia Road, from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The gate at Blue Mountain will also remain open until 8:00 p.m. that day. Petersville and the Main Gate in Oromocto will be open as usual.

Looking forward to seeing you in Gagetown on July 2nd.

Connie Denby


Meeting April 2011 - Roachville


Back Row: Harold Armstrong, Eldon Graham, Maudie Boyle, Franklin Johnson, Verna Webb, Ruby Laird, Machum McKinney, Dorothy McKinney, Ruben Wallace, Don Lourie, David MacKay, Ralph Hasson, John Clarke, Irvin Mott, Jessie Critchley

2nd Row Standing: John MacKinnon, Mary Tennant, Verna Mott, Lorna Wallace, Donna MacKay, Linda Charlton, Phyllis Clarke, Evelyn Anderson (hidden behind Connie), Connie Denby, Gary Hamilton

Seated: Betty Fulton, Susie Hamilton, Marion Kirk, Art Bogle, Barbara Hasson, Lois Howe, Marion Patterson, Verna Arnold, Heather Campbell

Kneeling: Margaret Corbett, Dorothy Cooper, Beatrice Armstrong, Helen Parker, Marilyn Williams, Carol Lawson 3

Minutes of BGCHA Meeting

Spring Meeting, April 16, 2011, 2:00 p.m.

Roachville Hall, Roachville, N.B.

On April 16th, 2011, the Spring Meeting of the BGCHA was held at the Roachville Hall, Roachville, N.B.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Connie Denby, at 2:10 p.m. with 43 in attendance. After the singing of O Canada the President welcomed those present.

A moment of silence was observed followed by the Lord’s Prayer in remembrance of those who had passed away since the last meeting. The following names were read:

Heber Howe, Leona Lyon, Mary Ruth Anderson, Audrey Vivian Smith, Verna Lee, Laura Morrow, Glendon Kerr, Murray Webb, Robert Machum, Reginald Dale, Margaret Ward, Earl Johnson, Don Adamson, Winnifred McQuade, William Cruickshank, Clifton Murphy, Mary Harrigan, Audrey Kennedy, Harold Layden, Elizabeth Moore.

The minutes of the meeting held on November 11th, 2010, were read by Marilyn Williams. It was moved by Franklin Johnson and seconded by Reuben Wallace that the minutes be accepted as read – carried.

Business Arising from the Minutes

- Connie Denby reported on a meeting with the Base Commander regarding possible closure of the gate at Blue Mountain. A petition with 583 names in favour of keeping the gate open was presented. Connie advised that the Blue Mountain gate will remain open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. daily and also they will accommodate our requests as usual on the days that we go out each year. Thanks were extended to all who signed the petition.


- Requests in writing were given to the Base Commander on December 8, 2010, requesting permission to install name plaques identifying the various cemeteries and possibly markers to identify former church locations, as well as a request for support from the Base for a possible 60th reunion. There hasn’t been any response yet. The Base Commander indicated he would need to have his staff review the requests but that he didn’t really see any problems. Connie will follow up with him mid-May to early June, before our annual meeting.

Financial Report

The treasurer, Stirling Nickerson, was unable to attend due to another commitment; however, he provided an update as follows:

Balance in BGCHA account $6020.06

Jubilee account $2,996.27

There is a service charge on the Jubilee account of $1.95 per month.

It was moved by Connie Denby and seconded by Verna Arnold to accept the financial report as read. 4

New Business and Correspondence

The Annual General Meeting to be held July 2nd at 10:30 a.m. – location will be the Gagetown Rec Centre where last year’s meeting was held. Connie will ask if the United Church ladies will provide a light lunch once again for a modest fee. The Orange Lodge Picnic in Queenstown which so many enjoy is that afternoon.


Annual Picnic at Sleep’s Hill: July 3rd, 2011. Evelyn Anderson advised that she spoke to Mr. Melanson, the Range Control Officer, and access will be available through the Blue Mountain and Hibernia gates – Connie will ask if gates can remain open later that day, say until 8:00 p.m. There should be no problem in getting tables and chairs from the hall again. Connie advised that Jean and Robert King expect to be visiting from the USA (his ancestors: George Corbett and Elizabeth Hasting). They are going to try and come in July and may be looking for someone to assist them in locating the picnic site or guide them through the Training Area. John Corbett of Gagetown assisted them during their previous visit.


Queens County Fair Booth - Theme: Franklin Johnson thanked everyone for their support during his illness. He remarked on the great success of the booth at last year’s fair. The "farm and forest" theme generated a lot of interest. Franklin thanked all who provided pictures and clippings and items brought in to display. There was a hearty round of applause for Franklin’s work on the booth. Franklin mentioned that Bob Johnson was unable to be here today as he is doing the music at the Clifton Murphy funeral in Saint John. Also, David McKinney could not attend.

Discussion then followed as to a theme for this year’s booth at the fair. Franklin recommended that everyone who donates items should come and get them from the booth when the fair is over so they don’t get misplaced. Verna Mott suggested that we could have "Women’s Groups" as our theme and use quilts and pictures of quilts as a backdrop for the booth. It was then moved by Helen Parker and seconded by Lois Howe that we go with "Women’s Groups" as our theme – to encompass all things made by the various groups – quilts, handiwork, sewing, etc. etc., and photographs that may be available of the groups themselves. The Fair dates are Thursday to Sunday, September 15th to 18th, 2011.

Connie then asked for volunteers to work on putting the booth together and to be there at the fair itself. Those who offered to assist included Carol Lawson, Verna Arnold, Marilyn Williams, Marion Kirk and Linda Charlton. Verna Mott offered to work on providing pictures. Everyone was asked to get material gathered up and bring items and pictures to our July meeting.

60th Reunion – August 2013: Connie Denby reported on the committee meeting held earlier today at 11:00 a.m. Four (4) members attended that meeting (Connie Denby, Verna Arnold, Carol Lawson, Marilyn Williams). It was felt that it would be nice to have a 60th reunion but certainly not on the scale of the 50th. Connie asked everyone present "what is your pleasure" as there have been comments both ways – for and against. Franklin Johnson noted that there is interest as can be seen by the crowd


here today but the 60th will probably be the end of our organization – no doubt. A show of hands indicated that a majority of those present are in favour of holding a 60th reunion. Much discussion followed on what form another reunion should take – more of a social event - whether one day or two – site location, probably the fairgrounds is best – costs/budget – meals, concessions - availability of government assistance – how many would come from away – etc. etc. Verna Mott noted that on the website there is a membership application form and it states at the bottom: "Past dues owed" – Verna suggested this should be removed from the form as it would intimidate people who haven’t paid for a while and they might not renew their membership. It was agreed that this statement should be removed from the membership application form.

Questions: How many came to the 55th reunion? There was a book that people signed at the 55th – where is this book? Connie will check with Bob Johnson or Dave McKinney to determine. How many active members are there? Connie will check with Mary Queen and see what latest figures indicate.

After further discussion, it was moved by Franklin Johnson and seconded by Don Lourie that we table for the moment the decision of whether to proceed with a 60th reunion in 2013 or not and be prepared to come to the July meeting for a final decision. All in favour, motion carried.

Correspondence: Letter received from Malcolm McCutcheon of Rhode Island regarding his book "Babies & Soldiers for the King: Memoir of a New Brunswick Farm Family, 100 Years", on his family life growing up in Olinville. Information on how to obtain a copy of his book is in the Spring 2011 newsletter.

Date of Next Meeting

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011, at 10:30 a.m., at Gagetown Rec Centre – Gagetown United Church ladies will be asked if willing to provide lunch (as they did last year) for a modest fee.

Group Picture

A group photo was taken of all those present at today’s meeting with plans to have it appear in the July newsletter.


Connie Denby thanked everyone for coming today. It was moved by Verna Arnold and seconded by Helen Parker that the meeting be adjourned.

A potluck supper was enjoyed following the meeting.

Marilyn Williams, Acting Secretary