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 Inch Family of New Jerusalem

Nathaniel Inch, Sr.(62-1861) was b. 5 Nov 1797 in Ederney, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, and d. 16 Jun .... at Jerusalem. He m. Ann Armstrong (64-1861) who d. 9 Jun 1878 aged 82 yrs. He, with his wife and three children arrived in Gagetown in 1824, and the following year bought 300 acres of land from Sylvanus Haviland in Jerusalem, which he later subdivided with his unmarried brother, John Inch.

  1. Ann m. Alexander Machum, widower of her sister Eliza Frances (see Machum records)
  2. Leonard m. Eleanor Stewart and moved to Keswick in 1848.
  3. John (14 Feb 1823 - 31 Oct 1902) m. Jane Porter, (d. 10 Jul 1883 aged 59 yrs). He bought his farm from William Giggey, who was one of the original settlers on the Peak of the Grant.
    1. Annie Jane d. 1 Apr 1853 aged 1 yr 1 mo
    2. Eliza Jane d. Feb 1864 aged 5 yrs
    3. Charles A. d. 1864 aged 3 yrs
    4. George was a teacher at the Normal School in Fredericton.
    5. Nathaniel, Jr. m. Annie Smith, d/o Leveritt & Ann (Harrison) Smith. They lived where David Smith had lived, which was the old Capt. Robert Smith property. They later moved to Keswick, and then into Fredericton.
      1. Laura, m. George Winters, and d. years ago in the US.
      2. Sadie, a teacher, went overseas in WW I, she later moved to the US.
      3. Florence (a twin) lived in Ottawa, ON
      4. Flossie (a twin) died in infancy
    6. Annie Amelia m. James Polley of Gagetown Road.
    7. W. Teed (1863-1926) m. Bertha G. Webb (1862-1935), d/o Fred Webb.
      1. Edwin lived on the Percy Inch place and later moved to the US.
      2. Hilda, a teacher, m. McLean Sharp, of Youngs Cove
      3. Rheta was unmarried. For many years she taught Home Economics at the Saint John Vocational School.
      4. Ronald D. m. Elsie Machum, and succeeded to his father's farm.
        1. Norman Machum 1932-1935
        2. Allison
        3. Lois m. Harry Magee, res. Fredericton
        4. Wm. Teed lives in Roslindale, USA
    8. Mary Alice m. Beverly Pender
  4. George (17 Aug 1825 - 19 Apr 1905) m.1) Mary Jane Woods (12 Aug 1831 - 6 Apr 1894) and m.2) Matilda (Smith) Harrison, d/o Capt. Robet Smith and h/w Sarah Carpenter. (She had m.1)James Harrison, s/o William.) There was no issue of George's second marriage. They lived on part of the Sleep farm, and later moved to Oak Pt. Geo and Mary Jane had 11 children, 4 of whom died in childhood. {His last two children may have been born in Oak Pt.?}
    1. Wesley
    2. Elizabeth
    3. Catherine
    4. James
    5. Evelyn
    6. Edna
    7. Phebe J.  d. 29 Aug 1859 aged 5 yrs (b. ca. 1854)
    8. Maggie d. 9 Nov 1881 aged 19 yrs  (b. ca. 1862)
    9. George Franklin d. 28 Oct 1866 aged 1 yr 9 mos (b. ca. 1865)
  5. William m. Martha Bogle
  6. Elizabeth Frances, b. 1830, Alexander Machum as his first wife, and was the mother of his children.
  7. Natnahiel (29-1861) 1832-1924, m.1) Eliza Frances Porter (26-1861). She d. 1 May 1867 aged 33 yrs. He m.2)Lydia L. Sleep 1837-1915. Six of his children died of diptheria within a very short time, and a seventh had died in infancy.
  8. m. (1)
    1. William S. (1-1861) 7 Nov 1860* - 26 Dec 1900. He m. 20 Jan 1884, Elthea Johnson 1860-1933 (or 1936 ?) *{date also recorded as 1856. Were there two of this name?}
      1. James m. Minnie Vallis, d/o Samuel Vallis. They lived on the original farm up to 1952, then moved to Welsford where they died.
        1. Murray, unmarried. Lived in the Welsford home until early in 1994 when he moved to Grand Bay.
        2. Alex is married and lives in Fredericton with at least two children.
      2. Gertrude L. m. David Smith (1881-1942) and lived on the old John Jones property on the main Jerusalem Road. She cared for her Aunt, Mrs. Giggey who was an invalid for many years.
      3. Percy A. m. C. Grace Short (1896-1938). They lived on land opposite the Hill Baptist Church, which was first granted to Jacob Haviland.
        1. Eric served in WW II (Air Force) and lives in Ontario.
        2. Enid is unmarried and worked with the Loomcrofters in Gagetown, taking charge after the death of the death of Patricia Jenkins.
        3. Spencer is a Professor at a college in Ontario, specializing in Geographical Research.
        4. Rhoda is a teacher and a missionary in India. (In a Baptist Journal - unnamed) RHODA INCH - New Jerusalem, NB - Saved at 19 - Graduate, Teacher's College, Fredericton, NB - Graduate, Atlantic Bible Instute, Hampton Station, NB - 1 1/2 teaching in rural schools - Sunday school and young people's work. "And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly" (2 Chron. 29:36) AS I SAT in a service in the little United Church at home listing to the message by a visiting retired minister, suddenly passed from death unto life; I became a child of God through faith in His Son. Surely the angels joined in rejoicing that the Lord had prepared his servant who spoke the word of deliverance so that my conversion was but the work of a moment. Wanting to serve the Lord who had saved me and given me eternal life, I thought much about where I should get the needed training, but there were home responsibilities which I did not feel free to leave. While I waited for the Lord to open up the way, He brought the Atlantic Bible Institute into being, not many miles from my home, and gave me valued contracts with it. On resigistration day, 1950, the situation remained unchanged: I did not feel free to leave home. And yet I did not feel completely satisfied that it was the Lord's will for me to remain at home. As we waited upon Him in definate prayer about it, He made it unmistakably clear that I should go, and a few days later I began my studies. The Lord had prepared the way again so that "the thing was done suddenly." Shortly after my graduation from Bible school in the spring, I left to attend candidate school in Philadelphia. I had never before been much more than one hundred miles from home, and had never been outside my native province. Now I am looking forward to being half way around the world by autumn. "God had prepared the people" - He prepared those who helped me know Him as Saviour and Lord, those who trained me for His Service, and those who have made it possible for me to go to the mission field. He is sending me forth "suddenly." and I rejoice in it. (Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 33 Chancery, Lane, Singapore II, Asia)
    2. Margaret J.  d. 24 Apr 1880 aged 18 yrs
    3. Edith E. 1863-1950, m. 16 Jan 1884 to Alfred E. Burgess 1862-1928. They lived on the old Robert Burgess farm.
      1. Etta Edna d. 1890 aged 4 yrs 7 mos
      2. Robert I. 1895 - 1895
      3. Margaret F.(1891-1926), a teacher, m. Caswell Vallis. They lived for many years with her parents. Caswell lives at Glenwood, and has remarried.
        1. Edward
    4. Frances A. d. 1952 in Jerusalem, m. Lawson Giggey. They lived awhile at French Village and later, she being a criple, was taken care of by her niece, Gertrude L. Smith in New Jerusalem, where she d. in 1952.
      1. James d. in childhood
      2. Edith, a teacher, died years ago.


    5. James R. d. 4 May 1880 aged 10 yrs
    6. Phebe L. d. 29 Apr 1880 aged 9 yrs
    7. Sarah E. d. 18 Dec 1875 aged 2 yrs
    8. Charles A. d. 26 Mar 1880 aged 5 yrs
    9. Thomas M. d. 26 Mar 1880 aged 4 yrs
    10. Ethelbert d. 22 Mar 1880 aged 3 yrs
    11. Catherine A. d. 1898 aged 20 yrs, m. William Machum 1869-1925. They had only one child who died.
      1. Willie D.  d. Apr 1898
  9. James Robert m. Mary Alice Dunn of Keswick. They lived in Sackville for 18 years, where he was a teacher at Mount Allison University. From there he went to Fredericton where he became Chief Superintendent of Education. His degrees were BA; MA and LlD.
  10. Phebe Jane, d. young