*** Contributed by Fran Lenentine


Mullin Family of New Jerusalem

Mullin Families - Upper Hibernia , Queens Co. N.B.

My Great Grandfather was Thomas Mullin, who entred New Brunswick in I838 from Armaugh North Ireland. He m. Roseanna McGuire - Spinster, of Long Reach, Kings Co. N.B. March 30, I848, by J. Dumphy Minister or J.P. Witnesses were Joseph Corrigan, Anthony McBrariety, and Mary McGuire.

He settled in Kings County, and later bought several lots of land, and built a log home on the Schoolhouse road, New Ireland, which place later became known as Hibernia, Queens County. Thomas sold or granted I/4 acre of land for the Upper Hibernia school to be built on. Hibernia Post Office was established in I885--- closed in I950.

  1. Mary Mullin b. I846 - d. unknown date
  2. James Mullin b..I848 - d. I874 St. Bridgets Cemetry Gagetown
  3. Thomas (Jr) Mullin b. I850. Said he moved to Minn. U.S.A. and was never heard from again
  4. Edward Mullin (Ned) b. I852 - d. I874 ? Married Lily Rathburn
  5. Charles Mullin b. 14 Nov I858 - d. 24 July I936 in Littleton, N.H. married Isabel Dodge
    1. Ethel
  6. George Mullin b. 2 Aug I863 - d. Nov. 9, I940, m. Mary Ellen Gallagher
  7. Twin son - died as infants in I860, or I86I *
  8. Twin son - died as infants in I860, or I86I *  Both buried in a field on the Upper Hibernia Road-- now a wooded area, maintained by D.N.D.

My grandfather, George Mullin Hibernia' Queens Co. N.B. married Mary Ellen Gallagher Pleasantvilla, Queens Co. N.B.daughter of James Frank Gallagher at the Cathederal in Saint John, N.B. on Sept. 27, I897.

  1. Mary Alice Mullin b. 17 Aug I898 - d. 25 Apr I98I
  2. Charles Mullin--- b. 1 Jan I900 - d. 29 Nov I930
  3. Anna Belle Mullin--- b. 7 Apr I903, m. Charles Rougier, d. 8 Mar I994, Springfield, Mass.
  4. James "Thomas" Mullin b. 8 Nov I906. m. Evelyn West, d. 27 Oct/Nov I95I, Littleton N,H, USA.
  5. Francis (Frank) Gerard Mullin--- b. 23 Oct I909 - d. 23 Apr I984, Georgetown Ont..
  6. Joseph Clarence Mullim-- b. 5 Oct I9I2, m. Edith McCormick, d. 24 Apr I99O, Saint John N.B.
  7. John Ambrose Mullin--- b. 13 Jan I9I6, m. Katherine McDevitt, Petersville, NB; d. 28 Sep I967, Queenstown, NB.

Bernard Mullin: brother of Thomas Mullin; bought property in New Ireland in I836 from Matthew Davis and wife Rosanna. He paid £20. The property was formally granted to Samuel Slocum -deceased, and contained 200 acres. He also bought property before this, on 17 Dec I834, from William Reid and wife Elizabeth. This property was also granted to Samuel Slocum.

I (Fran) have copies of these deeds. "My aunt Kay Mullin found the originals in a trunk at the Geo. Mullin homestead. My mother told m