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Hibernia  Residents
by Frances Lenentine

The following familes are those I (Fran Lennentine) remember from childhood, as residing in the area of Hibernia. Additions or corrections appreciated.

First farm from Central Hampstead was Humphry and Lil LAW (at Laws Corner); a road to the left was the Pevelin Road, and to the right was the Upper Hibernia Road.

The first farm on the left was Raymond and Eliza McGEE and family. They were the only ones on the road that had a telephone.

The next farm on the right was Ben APPLEBY and wife. Arnold HERSEY resided with them.

Lew APPLEBY built on the right ca. 1940's or later, and Irvin RATHBURN built on the left.

Next on the right was Seth DeLONG and his wife. A son married Mable [---], and a daughter, Blanche married Frank Clair and lived in Pokiok, York County. They had a daughter Frances, who married and now lives in the Meductic area, and another daughter Hazel, who m. [---] Tonge, and lives inSaint John I believe.

Next on the left was Peter CRUICKSHANK, with his wife and family. This property was first settled by a family named DAVIS - probably a land grant.

Then came Alexander McKILLOP, with a wife and three sons - Dave, John, and Charles. This family later moved to Ontario. John joined the Army in the First World War.

The McKillop farm was occupied by John and Lil GALLAGHER for a time before they moved to Saint John.

The next farm was that of George and Mary Ellen (GALLAGHER) MULLIN.

The Upper Hibernia road extended on to Peleg and Susan RATHBURN's farm. As I remember, their family was probably all married when I was young, and had moved away. Their eldest son, Bernard was killed tragically in a sawmill accident. A son, Don, was a good friend of my Uncle Joe Mullin, and kept in touch through out the years.

I remembr Mom speaking of a DUGAN family living in the vacinity, but they were gone before my time.

Off the Upper Hibernia Road, joined the Schoolhouse Road. The first property belonged to my great grandfather, Thomas MULLIN, and his wife Rose or Roda (McGUIRE). They bought considerable property in the vacinity, of which I have several copies of deeds. They built a log home and raised a family. Only the foundation remained as I remember. My mother said he gave or granted a piece of land to build the schoolhouse on.

On the left was the farm of Bill MORRIS, who lived alone. He said he came from out west, and was a horse trader. I remember at one time a family of KEATINGs* from Saint John lived with him. A son and a daughter went to school there for awhile. The son was Andrew, and the daughter was Doris. There was a Frank CHISHOLM lived there for awhile. He was also from Saint John. (*Note: This would be Frank Levi KEATING and his wife Edna Gertrude BYERS.) {I remember Mom telling me about a time when one of their cows was bleeding badly, so Bill Morris was called. He "charmed" the bleeding wound, and it stopped. He could also charm warts or moles away, of which feat my Mom had proof.}

Next we come to the Browntown Road, and turn right to go out to Pleasantville. First on the left was George and Maude KENNEDY, and family.

Across from the Kennedy family was a Mr. WATSON. No one seemd to know where he came from - there was much speculation. When DND bought out the residents, he moved to a little cabin below the Orange Hall in Queenstown. I remember him setting in a corner at the Saturday nights dances and listening to the music. He would suddenly disappear before the dance was finished.

I cannot remember several other families further along the road. I do recal Mom speaking of a Jimmy BROWN, maybe Theodore's father, living there, and a story he told. It was about seeing American soldiers marching down the road with rifles over their shoulders. It was believed to be true in that era.

The last place on the right was the farm of my great grandfather, James Frank GALLAGHER and his wife Susan (McDEVITT) and their family. Only the foundation remained at the time I remembered it. I copied a deed, when this property was purchased it was recorded as being on the Flaglor Road. The Gallagher family came from Co. Fermanagh, North Ireland, so my Grandmother told us. The children went to school in Pleasantvilla, which was located across the road from the Albert WILLIAMS farm. A daughter, Susan, died at the age of seven, from eating choke cherries and drinking milk, so it is said.

Now, I will go back to the Schoolhouse Road, and turn left. The first home on the right was the Clinton NELSON family for awhile, but was owned a a family names WHITE at one time.

Next came a farm owned by BEAUMONTs. These places were very run down as I remember them. {I have wished so many times I had asked Mom questions.}

On the left side of the road was the Charles and Maggie RATHBURN home, also Theodore and Mildred BROWN and families. Then George and Gertie GARDINER.

Mom spoke of the TURNBALL family living along there also. There was Walter, Floss and Jean, who were great frieds of the Mullin family. They exchanged records - the round spool ones, went skating out at the back hollow, and went to dances - walking for miles. A favourite school teacher went with them. Her name was Bertha MUIR, from over on the Bellisle. She boarded at Mullins.

This end of the Browntown Road met the Lower Hibernia Road. The little house on the left belonged to a CARSON family, but was unoccupied, and falling over. I remember it had red siding. Across the road was a chicken house. Mom told a story about a night they were walking home from a dance and took shelter in this long deserted chicken coop, during a heavy thunder storm. Her brother Tom was seated up on a roost. When a loud crash of thunder and blazing lightening came, the roost brook, and down went Tom. They ran out in the pouring rain, thinking Tom had been hit - so did he. This was a great story to tell for weeks.

I don't remember most of the homes on the Lower Hibernia Road, except Charlie DAVIS' store, BARNETT's, Wes LITTLE's, Byron CLARK's, etc.


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