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Memories of a North Colnes School Teacher
Photos taken ca. 1941-1942 by Bernice Ferris
Submitted by her daughter Linda Scott


Students at this school, with ages --

1941 Dec
Cooper Kenneth 12 
Cooper Margaret 10 
Mallory Raymond 11 
Mitchell Maudie 7 
Pettie Helen 12 
Pettie George 14 
Pettie Mildred 16 
Pettie Charles 15 
Polley William 11 
Polley Walter 8 
Reader Lydia 7 
Rice Walter 12 

The former Bernice Ferris, taught at this North Clones School for the 1941 Dec - 1942 Jun terms. Bernice is the daughter of Reade W. Ferris (of Jemseg) and Nellie Rankine (from Red Bank). She married in April 1946, to Raymond Osborne, (of Gagetown) and moved there in 1951. After the death of her husband in 1969 she remarried  to a long time friend James R. Piers (of Hampton) in 1987 and resided on the Kingston Pensulia. After his death she moved to Fredericton where she now resides 

(Data from her only daughter Linda (Osborne) Scott, who lived in Welsford and Brown's Flats for years and taught school at Welsford for 27 years as Linda Eastwood. She was married in 1973 to William Eastwood of Hoyt and  remarried in 2001 to Alvin Scott (of Boisetown) and live in Saint John.)

Students at this school, with ages --

1942 Jun
Barton Helen 10 
Barton James 8 
Boucher Barbara 8 
Cooper Kenneth 13 
Cooper Margaret 10 
Mallory Raymond 12 
Mitchell Maudie 8 
Pettie Helen 12 
Pettie George 14 
Polley William 11 
Polley Walter 8 
Reader Lydia 7 
Mallory Bertha 7 
Mallory Hazen 10 
Mallort Tressa 12


Bernice, through her daughter Linda, has shared the following photos with us.

 All photos taken in 1941-1942.

This covered wagon that brought the children from South Colones to school each day, in North Clones. Bernice thinks the drives name was Boucher. (She (and we) would be interested if anyone knows more about this as she cannot remember the details but remembers them coming each day in the covered wagon.)

Bernice Ferris and Wendall Moore

The class in North Colones


Another photo of the class in North Colones

Believes the tall boy is Ray Mallory and the shorter boy is Charlie Cooper (Can anyone confirm this?)

Polley Boys (Need names)

Lydia Reader and Barb [ ? ]

Helen Cooper

Left to right Ken Cooper. Helen Cooper, Ray Mallory

Back row  Ken Cooper, [ ? ? ], Ray Mallory  Front Polley Boys (Walter and Wille)

Polley boys

[ ? ] Barnett*, Maudie Mitchell, Lydia Reader  (* There seems to be no Barnett girl attending this school in 1941-42)

Med Moores house ( picture may be reversed?) 

Mr& Mrs Med Moore & Wendall in front of their house


Mrs Medley Moore 


Medley Moore

Ruby Moore with Wendall Moore

Wendall Moore



Ralph Moore